Ring ring
An unorthodox chronicler in the immersionist, investigative and deconstructionist perspective. I write fiction, nonfiction and poetry to explore the wilderness concealed in the purlieus of the psyche, to denounce injustice and rebuke atrocities committed in broad daylight.

I'm an enigma: even to myself--like an infinitesimal droplet of water simultaneously freezing, melting and vaporizing forever and ever as it falls deeper into the darkest abysmal voids of the obliviating vacuum space beyond the quiescent edges of this infinitely abrupt and chaotic universe.

I have come to the realization that reality is but a mere figment of God's imagination--that I, myself, am a work of fiction. A wrong person living in the wrong place and in the wrong time, doing all the wrong things for all the wrong reasons. A woman without the ''wo.'' A female without the ''fe.'' A monochrome rainbow. A wingless fairy. A shadow in the dark.